8-bit : the film

I went to the Australian Premier (and I expect only screening) of the film 8-bit last night at ACMI last night. It’s essentially a film about the intersection of 8-bit 80 culture video games and art, with a distinct focus in chiptune performers in New York city and various parts of Europe.

I was great … a wicked chiptune soundtrack, lots of video of guys playing Gameboys as synthesizers live, nostalgic “Cracked by … ” title screens from the old BBS cracking days, and some smart (and some wanky) digital art. I stayed around for the Q & A with the Director (who incidently doesn’t own any videogame consoles, or a TV). Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the thumping 8-bit sample infused intro music performed live by DJ Trip (that wasn’t part of the actual film, just a special live set for the ACMI screening).

Well worth a look if you get the chance … the film doesn’t have distribution yet, so I’m not sure where you can actually see it (it took ~ 2 years to make it to Australia, but still seems to be touring various video game and film festivals). Maybe check the screenings page at the official 8-bit site. There was also some pre-screening coverage at Kotaku which has some more info about the film.

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