Flex for Flash games coming of age

Around six to twelve months ago I did some research into using the Adobe Flex framework to create Flash games. I found an amazing port of Doom using the Flex SDK, but at that stage, there was no source code on offer, so I couldn’t learn much from it (except maybe that Flex was capable of some pretty impressive Flash games). Ultimately, I decided not to work with Flex for two key reasons:

  1. There didn’t seem to be many games written with Flex at that stage, and very little in the way of how-tos and tutorials. All the tutorials I found from Adobe and others were geared toward ‘business applications’ and the like.
  2. The Flex compiler only generates Flash 9, and I wanted to make Flash games for the Wii Opera browser, which only supports Flash 7.

Well, the Wii still doesn’t support Flash 9 (my guess is it never will), but things are changing on the availability of game-making resources for Flex.

Chuck Arellano over at scripted fun has ported his Herder game for Pygame to Flex, and is having some success.


I suspect that there has been a blossoming of Flex game creation content occurring while I wasn’t watching … it could be worth revisiting.

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Ludum Dare #11: some belated comments on the results

I’ve been so busy with other non-game dev related stuff (and updating Mondrian post-Ludum Dare) I never got a chance to acknowledge the final results of voting.

My game Mondrian got the top score in both Theme and Innovation ! I was, and still am, completely stoked ! … I guess this means Mondrian is well worth investing some more time into, to polish up and release as a more complete game.

The first, second and third place “Overall” were StrongAI by mrfun, Trivial Escape for Minimalist Island by mjau and Still Pond by hamumu. All well deserved.

You can check out the full results at the Ludum Dare site.

Some game design quotes

Some game design quotes at RandomTerrian.

There are some pearls of wisdom here, eg:

For me the retrogaming movement is more than just nostalgia of misty eyed Gen X’ers. It’s a reaction to the current graphical overkill, the simulation obsessed gaming environment of the late 90s. In our quest for absolute graphical realism, we have forgotten the basics of gaming.

Eugene Jarvis from a Halcyon Days interview

Multiplayer Interactive Fiction

Wow. I mean … wow.
Something I (and I’m sure many others) have pondered exactly how to achieve has just materialized: Guncho

Guncho is online system for multiplayer interactive fiction … and the best bit …. it’s based on Inform 7, meaning all the tried-and-true stuff already existing in the Inform system can be used.

I haven’t actually had a chance to check it out yet, but I have high hopes for a new era in interactive fiction.

Via: thekit’s livejournal