Note to self: Ludum Dare voting finishes this weekend

Ludum Dare : Triannual 48 hour Game Development Competition

So, I’ve pretty much played all the games, and taken a long list of notes to guide my voting. Some amazing 48 hour entries this time around. Gotta get those votes in (3 days to go) !!

To make the whole process easier, I used Keeyai’s handy torrent of the games, which included a copy of his Compo Game Loader and gameinfo.xml files (most painfully constructed by Keeyai … thanks for saving me the time !!).

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Ludum Dare #12 entry: The Siege of von Danken Tower

This is my (pansapiens) entry for Ludum Dare #12.

I had various dramas throughout the 48 hour competition, namely two electricity outages … this is not the code I spent most of my time on, but I’m actually happy it all worked out the way it did.

The game is written using batari Basic v1.0. I learnt a lot by reading the included sample code, and the excellent batari Basic manual. I also used the online PlayerPal 2600 Sprite Editor to draw the sprites.

Ways to play:

  • All platforms: Play the game on this page (below the fold) in the embedded JStella applet
  • Window, Linux, Mac: download the ROM and run it in Stella ($ sudo apt-get install stella on Debian/Ubuntu).
  • Windows, (maybe Linux): Download this zip archive which contains the windows version of Stella and The Siege of von Danken Tower ROM, which is compatible with Keeyai’s Compo Game Loader
  • Atari 2600 VCS: For the definitive von Danken Tower experience, you should burn it onto an EEPROM and play it on your Atari 2600 VCS (YMMV. AtariAge may help).

You can also look at the ugly source code.

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What I’ve been playing: Playstation 2

So, I bought a PS2, since they are cheap now, and I completely missed that (ongoing) era of gaming history. There is a a short list of highlight games for the PS2 that I want to progressively play my way through. At the moment, I’m playing:

  • God of Warfairly easy on the default difficulty setting, but the environments are quite pretty, especially the camera work. The button mashing battles are fun. I feel like I’m about half way through it, based on the ‘tech tree’.
  • We Love Katamari – amusing little game. Actually gets a little difficult after only a few levels.
  • Disgaea – this Japanese tactical role-playing game is quite deep. The cut scenes slipped in to progress the story have some pretty amusing scripting and voiceovers, with that strange ‘immature kids mucking around while fighting a serious war’ feel that I got when playing Advanced Wars DS.
  • ICOthe classic. Very pretty and emotive. I’m saving it for times when the house is quiet and I have extended stretches to become immersed in it, since it would be a waste to play it without getting the full atmosphere. Reminds me of something like the original Prince of Persia or Another World / Out of this World, but in 3D.

Here are a few more which I don’t have yet, on the wishlist:

  • Rez
  • Gradius V
  • Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, Special Edition
  • Devil May Cry
  • Final Fantasy X (?)
  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • Okami (also on Wii … I may get that version instead)
  • GTA: San Andreas
  • Beyond Good and Evil (also GameCube .. almost bought it at EB Game, but they decided not to sell it to me because it was too scratched)
  • Amplitude (?)
  • Gran Turismo 4 (?)