Note to self: Ludum Dare voting finishes this weekend

Ludum Dare : Triannual 48 hour Game Development Competition

So, I’ve pretty much played all the games, and taken a long list of notes to guide my voting. Some amazing 48 hour entries this time around. Gotta get those votes in (3 days to go) !!

To make the whole process easier, I used Keeyai’s handy torrent of the games, which included a copy of his Compo Game Loader and gameinfo.xml files (most painfully constructed by Keeyai … thanks for saving me the time !!).

I like to play all the games before I vote on any … let’s face it, voting like this is often ‘all relative’, and is more like a ranking process. Scoring on individual elements of the entry (graphics, sound, innovation, fun, food photos, timeline etc) just helps place an entry in the overall ranking (reminds me of marking student assignments far too much … :P). Bah … who really cares about the rankings anyhow … it’s about having fun, improving skills. Still, if I was a “professional” game developer and I won a highest ranking category in Ludum Dare … it would still be going on my CV :)

Still, it’s not over yet. I still have a few Linux games to play, and I’ve still need to physically enter my comments at the Ludum Dare site, watch timelapses and drool over some food photos before casting my final votes for each entry.

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