GrandMasterPixel front page mockups

With the design of GrandMasterPixel, I’ve generally worked on the principle that features should have to fight to be included (ala 37signals), and worked to create the bare minimum required to play the game. No more, no less.

Part of that philosophy lead me to forgo the customary title screen found in many games. At most, I planned to have the title text “GrandMasterPixel” overlayed on the Drawing screen upon first load, then elegantly fade away. This way the user is thrown straight into one of the two key mechanics – drawing (other being judging). They can immediately poke the screen an start creating some simple pixelart. There isn’t any dire need for a ‘navigation screen’ on the Android version, since all navigation can be accessed in the popup menu, by pressing the Menu button on the device. This is the convention for pretty much every Android app (and is the suggested style in the Android Menu Design Guidelines published by Google).

Recently, however, I’ve have a change of heart on the front page navigation screen idea. Maybe it is required, to better lead new players into the game. Additionally, I’ve also noticed that Android games conventionally seem to have a front page navigation screen, unlike other non-game apps.

Here’s a mockup of one possible front page screen for GrandMasterPixel, made with Mockingbird:

GrandMasterPixel, possible new front page mockup

GrandMasterPixel, possible new front page mockup

At the moment, I’m still looking for more people to play test what I have so far, before going crazy ¬†on implementing more features. There are certainly lots of parts that need work, but I’d like to direct my efforts toward areas where players feel they are more required. You can download the alpha version of GrandMasterPixel for Android with this link. I’d appreciate any feedback you have, on FriendFeed, or via Twitter @OMGWTFGAMES or right here in the comments¬†!

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