GrandMasterPixel now available for testing in the Android emulator

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With the help of Kyle Stewart’s post over at Binary Sheep, I’ve put together a package that contains the Android emulator along with a copy of GrandMasterPixel. This means that if you aren’t one of the lucky people to own an Android device, you can still help test the game by running it in the Android emulator on your Linux, OS X or Windows desktop computer. Keep in mind the download is a little hefty (~ 65 Mb and ~ 200 Mb unzipped).

GMP emulator (Arena)

It’s not quite the same as holding the game in the palm of your hand … but if you don’t want to wrestle with Eclipse and the Android SDK to setup your own development environment, or shell out for one of the snazzy new Android phones hitting the market, it’s the next best thing.

Download GrandMasterPixel + emulator [ – 65 Mb zipped] best viagra dose

To run the emulator, unzip the archive, run the run_emulator.* script appropriate to your platform (eg,, or run_emulator.bat. You may need to make the script executable first on OS X and Linux). prelox blue viagra natural

If you give it a try, please give me some feedback on FriendFeed, tweet me @OMGWTFGAMES or send a good ol’ email to perry at viagra model 2015

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