Two adventure games for fans of lowres pixel art

I figure the bunch of talented artists playing GrandMasterPixel may occasionally read this blog, so I thought I’d highlight two pretty cool pixel art games I discovered (between dealing with GMP support requests, feedback, suggestions and bugfixes).

First up: The Maze of Madness (2.0), by Phil Hassey. This is one part text-based choose-your-own-adventure and one part pixel art. Players themselves build the world, by creating ‘locations’ which consist of a pixel art image and a series of actions or exits. It also has inventory, where you draw the objecs ! I can remember when this game first started, with just the original Maze, but since then Phil has expanded things to enable people to make completely new mazes too. It can all get a bit crazy and psychedelic, but it’s worth a look.

The Maze of MADNESS (at the beach)

Second, and more recently released – PlayPen, by Farbs. Similar in many ways to The Maze of Madness, but with higher resolution images and ‘hotspots’ for navigation between locations rather than simple text links. Pretty cool that it has been based on the MediaWiki codebase too – it could basically be used to create Pixel-pedia. There is even a Tumblr blog of the Best of PlayPen. This make me think I should probably do something like a “Best of GrandMasterPixel” tumbelog highlighting the best pics in GMP, but I’m hoping the the rankings pages will mostly fulfill that role once I overhaul them to include more than just best of all-time overall rankings.

PlayPen (looking at the cactus)

Both these games are really designed for desktop browsers, and while they kinda sorta work on the Android browser to play the adventures they won’t work very well if you want to contribute content by drawing. I’d stick with the desktop browser if you are checking ’em out.

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