Wow, you guys really like drawing pixelart !

10,000th pic FTW !

‘Candle Light’ by NextTarget

Sometime in the last ~24 hours the 10,000th pic was submitted to GrandMasterPixel … nice looking candle, NextTarget ! Thanks to everyone who has stuck with GrandMasterPixel during this (extended) beta period, it’s been a fun and exciting time, watching all these cool little pics appear magically from ‘teh handheld Internets’. I’m aware that there is a problem with pics not getting battles very frequently at the moment … this is a result of the live pic population growing much larger over the past few months. My quick simulations suggest that with the current ‘live’ pic population of about ~2000 pics, and the current number of battles daily (~ 1000), only about 15 % of pics should be missing out on getting at least one battle per day … so if you submit a pic and it doesn’t get any wins/loses within about ~48 hours, you are just very unlucky (0.15*0.15 = about a 1 in 50 chance). Probability doesn’t discriminate, and the pseudorandom number generator on the server (Google App Engine) is quite fair :)

In the coming weeks I plan to make some changes to recharge rates, costs and scoring that should hopefully speed things up.

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