Wrist Tweets – a Twitter notifier for the Sony LiveView

Some gadget fetishism got the better of me recently, and I decided to pick up a Sony LiveView. It’s like a watch (“microdisplay”) that syncs with your Android phone via Bluetooth and can provide notifications, remotely control the music player etc. Although it has it’s frustrating moments, it’s fun little device, and I like the simple clean design.

Wrist Tweets screenshot

It comes with a bunch of handy default notification plugins: text messages, missed calls, calendar notifications, Facebook status update notifications, RSS feeds etc. There is also a Twitter plugin provided by Sony, but I felt it was a little substandard and didn’t really meet my needs. So, I decided to write Wrist Tweets – my own personal version of what the stock LiveView Twitter plugin should have been.

Wrist Tweet supports:

  • Timeline notifications
  • Mention/@reply notifications
  • Direct message notifications
  • Opening the first URL in a tweet on your phone
  • Authentication via OAuth – no locally stored password
  • A choice of sensible update frequencies, from 1 minute up to 6 hours
  • Notifications of tweets on a Twitter “list”

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