I’ve really been enjoying the comical scifi serialised novel “Constellation Games” by Leonard Richardson. Now, before I go gushing about how great it is, lest it be interpreted as sucking up to try and win this competition … without further ado, here is another snippet of the freshly translated Constellation Database of Electronic Games of a Certain Complexity (aka the CDBOEGOACC).

WARNING: May contain spoilers. Get up to speed with Chapters 1-19 before reading below the fold … sildenafil bula efeitos colaterais

(Update: With the stunning entries I saw on Twitter, I’m surprised, but apparently I won some type of special CDBOEGOACC Jury Prize.  And then the Python random number generator confirmed it. Cool ! @ornithopter won the grand prize – well deserved. Check out all the entries here.) comprimido viagra azul

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