Fix missing plugins for Sony LiveView, Android 4+

Some API / behaviour changes in Android 4+ (ICS, Jellybean), mean that many Sony LiveView plugins no longer are listed in the LiveView manager. For developers out there that are still supporting LiveView plugins, you should add the intent-filter (below) to your AndroidManifest.xml for the main Preferences activity.

  <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN" />
  <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER" />


This will give your plugin an icon under the regular launcher along side other apps, and it should also appear in the plugins list under Sony’s LiveView application.

I’ve recently made this update to Wrist Tweets to make things easier for users.

For people who want to use plugins that haven’t been updated (and may never be) – get QuickShortCutMaker. This allows you to make a shortcut to the Preferences activity of any LiveView plugin and put it on your home screen. I believe these plugins will even appear under Sony’s LiveView manager once enabled.

While I’m at it, one last LiveView tip: try LiveView Charm. I’ve found this does a great job at keeping the LiveView connected. With a new handset with more RAM (Galaxy Nexus), and LiveView Charm, I’m finding the LiveView finally usable and the battery life isn’t terrible … typical then that the wristband on my LiveView would break just as the hardware starts working reliably :<.

Update: Sony seems to have fixed the missing plugins issue on ICS and Jellybean with their latest LiveView manager app update (2nd-Oct-2012, version 1.0.A.0.21). They also seem to have incorporated the functionality of LiveView Charm by using a persistent notification to stop the LiveView manager getting killed in the background. Great to see Sony hasn’t forgotten the early adopters of their first attempt at an Android-connect smart watch.

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  1. Nice work, this should hive live view a new lease of life! My live view and plugins that did not previously work is now working great since reading through your post. Got a Galaxy Nexus with Jellybean and all is now well!


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