Chomper : It’s not Pac-Man but it is on Google Play right now

No time to go into detail just now, but … Chomper is now live on Google Play, ready to nibble it’s way onto all your Androids. It’s a clone of one of my favorite Atari 2600 VCS games, Jawbreaker, but with a few tweaks to make the gameplay a little more varied and tricky than the original.

A whirlwind feature rundown in exasperated game marketing speak would go something like:

  • Bleepin’ Awesome retro sound effects
  • Daily, weekly, monthly and all-time online highscores
  • Devilish enemy AI
  • Powerups ! Score multipliers !
  • Catchy 8-bit chiptune background music by Clyde Shaffer (Creative Commons FTW !)

Shortly after release, McFunkypants helpfully suggested that the controls could be improved by using fullscreen overlay buttons (like this). I’d experimented with that approach early in development but decided it wasn’t my preferred option … however, since it was the second time someone has suggested this control scheme, I’ve added to the latest version. It should become available on Google Play within a few hours. There is an option to switch back to the ‘classic’ split left/right control buttons, since personally I prefer that :)

Now go beat my highscore(s) :)

Android app on Google Play

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