The Chomper Cometh

The last few months I’ve been working on a small retro remake of one of my favorite Atari 2600 games. It’s not a well known one, but even today it plays very well … it’s one of those ‘flow state’ inducing games that you can just zone out and enjoy. Since I’m going to pretend like it’s possible to build some buzz around a small project like this, I’m not saying exactly which Atari 2600 game I’ve remade just yet, but here is a hint :)

For Atari 2600 aficionados, the tiny screenshot above should be enough … for everyone else … all will be revealed before the end of October (I want this game to make it into the Ludum Dare October Challenge and October is fast vanishing !).

It’s getting very close to being ready for a beta release. Since I’m using the Unity engine, I’ll probably release a version on every platform that matters eventually, but for the initial release it will be on Android.

The awesome news from today is that Clyde Shaffer has given me the nod to use one of his delightful chiptunes as the soundtrack. I’m happy he did, since after play testing for so long with his track in the game it feels like it belongs there.

Here’s Clyde’s stuff on SoundCloud:

Watch this space …

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