Def alpha 2.02 preview – anyone for playtesting ?

See that little word up on the top left corner .. "ALPHA".

See that little word up on the top left corner .. “ALPHA”.

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In the mood for some playtesting ? Take a look at the first public alpha build of Def, the tower defense / RTS hybrid made by aliens, for aliens. No slick video promo, no Kickstarter sales pitch with promises made to be broken. Just a game. An actual game. It’s not quite done yet, but the first 80 % is there, and I’d really like some feedback – too hard, too easy, too buggy, too much fun ? (I wish) :)

Be sure to read the release notes on IndieDB, and send any feedback my way (comment here, there, or email perry at¬†Games only get good through playtesting, so it’s difficult to over emphasise how important this feedback will be in shaping the final game.

Download here for Windows, Linux and shiny silver computers.

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Enemies breaking through your perimeter – ain’t nobody got time for that

I added a small but significant new feature to “Def” today .. but since I’d really like people to also watch Def on IndieDB as well as this blog .. here’s the link: viagra sold in stores


Yeh, you don’t even get a single miserable screenshot here. I’m such a jerk. Next I’ll be running loud autoplaying video adverts and using stupid top twenty lists with one item on each page to inflate page views. viagra natural como fazer

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July #1GAM – Shootshy:TE (Tiny Edition)

I’ll just make a quick bullet-hell shmup, he said. It will be easy and awesome and only take a couple of days, he said. cialis online mexico

Want to play it ? It’s at Kongregate here (with highscores) and also on this site (including a standalone Linux version).

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