July #1GAM – Shootshy:TE (Tiny Edition)

I’ll just make a quick bullet-hell shmup, he said. It will be easy and awesome and only take a couple of days, he said.

Want to play it ? It’s at Kongregate here (with highscores) and also on this site (including a standalone Linux version).

So it turns out, making a good bullet-hell shump is hard, and doing it well is time consuming (at least for someone who had never tackled the genre seriously before). I was really resenting having to finish this game after the first day – I felt like it was complete crap that wasn’t worth wasting time on … but I persevered, and it came good. So here it is, all two minutes of intense gameplay !

Incidentally, all the pixel art was made with a cool little editor and community I just discovered, Piq: http://piq.codeus.net/u/pansapiens

This little game runs great on the OUYA, and it’s really the best way to play it. The question is, with only one short level, is it worth uploading to the OUYA Discover store ? I don’t have time to devote on making more levels at the moment, so it Shootshy:TE will probably remain a two minute game for quite a while, maybe forever. I know people like Terry Cavanagh have dumped a pile of little experimental games on OUYA, and each provides at least a few minutes entertainment, if not more. Some might see it as just adding to the clutter, when gamers are really gagging for more substantial games on the device. I’ll have to think about it …

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