I’ve really been enjoying the comical scifi serialised novel “Constellation Games” by Leonard Richardson. Now, before I go gushing about how great it is, lest it be interpreted as sucking up to try and win this competition … without further ado, here is another snippet of the freshly translated Constellation Database of Electronic Games of a Certain Complexity (aka the CDBOEGOACC).

WARNING: May contain spoilers. Get up to speed with Chapters 1-19 before reading below the fold …

(Update: With the stunning entries I saw on Twitter, I’m surprised, but apparently I won some type of special CDBOEGOACC Jury Prize.  And then the Python random number generator confirmed it. Cool ! @ornithopter won the grand prize – well deserved. Check out all the entries here.)

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Android Intents captured by various Twitter clients

For my app WristTweets, I implemented a feature where the user could press a button on the LiveView microdisplay to open a URL if one appears in the tweet. If there is no URL shared in the tweet, ideally I wanted to instead open their preferred Twitter client on their phone showing the tweet so that they could take further action (eg retweet, reply, block).

Several clients (‘official’ Twitter app and Plume) successfully capture ACTION_VIEW intents for any URL and will display the tweet as desired. Other clients capture various other intents but don’t appear capable of opening a specific tweet via an intent. In some cases there are other undocumented intents that will allow a user profile to be opened via an intent – this is what WristTweets falls back on for clients that can’t directly open a tweet via an intent.

Since others may find this useful, shared below are the intents I discovered for Tweetdeck, Plume, Seesmic, Hootsuite, Twidroid Pro / Ubersocial, and the ‘official’ Twitter app. As far as I know none of these are officially documented, and they obviously may change without notice in future updates.

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Fresher pics for the GrandMasterPixel leaderboard

The GrandMasterPixel rankings are supposed to give a view of the greatest pics that players have sent into battle. This also includes subcategories such as “three colour” pics and “black and white” pics, so you can see how people have made the best use of a limited palette.

I ain’t getting on no plane, Hannibal!

Unfortunately, it’s been hard for new pics to get to the top of the rankings. This is probably because of the changes to scoring a while back, and what I would call an ‘early adopter advantage’. As a result the rankings really haven’t moved much over the last year or so … until now.

Today, I’m shaking things up just a little. The front “Rankings” page will now show only pics submitted within the last year – as a result there should be more movement as dominant pics get old and younger successful pics get a shot at glory. The best pics of all time will still be shown under the ‘all time’ rankings. There are also now “Most successful dead pics of all time” and  “Most successful living pics of all time” so you can see the best of the best that are still battling it out, even after a year.

So, don’t be shocked if next time you check out the rankings Mr. T is no longer on the front page. He’s had a good run .. it’s time for him to step aside and let the younger pics steal the limelight.

GrandMasterPixel downtime: moving away from GoDaddy

Update: Annnnnnnnd we’re back. Feels good.

Apologies: GrandMasterPixel iswas temporarily offline while the domain name (along with four others) iswas transferred off GoDaddy to another registrar. All going to plan, it should be back up in a few hours. The transition was mostly painless (once I figured out how to deal with the new registrars zone files).

I’ve been dissatisfied with GoDaddy for a few years now – I particularly dislike their horrible user interface which is actively designed to trick or confuse you into buying some extra service you probably don’t want. The last straw that prompted me to change was their support of the SOPA internet censorship bill, a proposal currently working it’s way through the US Congress which would have wide ranging implications for internet freedom as we know it. Oh, that and the fact that Bob Parsons shoots elephants.

So, sorry about the downtime, but it’s “for a good cause”.