Def – new feature reveal part 2

Here’s the next post in my series detailing new features coming to Def for the PC / Mac / Linux (and OUYA !) release. Todays feature is: speedup ! revatio dosing epocrates

Okay, I’ll admit that’s a little underwhelming as a major feature, given that most tower defence and RTS games have a way of speeding up time to zip through any lull in the action. But it’s significant since it’s a feature the version of Def currently out on OUYA doesn’t have. Most levels in Def are designed so that there shouldn’t be many moments where you are idle enough to need a speedup feature, but it does happen occasionally. My initial attempt at implementing this before the OUYA release hit some bugs I couldn’t solve[1], and I opted to release rather than have this one non-essential feature hold everything back. That said, it’s a nice feature to have, so I devoted a little more time to get it working, and now it’s coming !

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One Game a Month (#1GAM) 2013 – postmortem and retrospective

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In 2013, I decided to participate in One Game A Month (aka #1GAM). The goal was to create a game with a proper start, middle and end, each and every month of the year. It was a bit like one big ongoing game jam.

While I don’t like to think of it as a competition, I’m still going to brag; I managed to rank within the top 100 after the 12th month (somewhere around ~75th). I’ll admit this helped push me to get games made in the last few months while juggling the responsibility of being a new parent, so I guess the ‘gamification’ aspect worked :) Here’s a rundown & some thoughts on the 11 games I made: hombre ruso muere por sobredosis de viagra

Warning mega-post ahead.

TLWR; I did One Game a Month and made lots of games, several of which I’m happy with the result. I made l a bunch of games that run on OUYA, kind of by accident. I’m not (intentionally) doing 1GAM this year, but if you haven’t done it, you should. viagra natural como fazer

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Designing levels for Def – no build zones

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With Phr

Here’s what a level looks like pre-seeded with Phr ‘no build zones’. originalverpackung viagra

I’m currently designing levels for the campaign/story mode of my tower defensish game Def.  There are various approaches that tower defence (TD) or RTS games take in progressively introducing new tower types and enemy types. It’s not uncommon to have a kind of tech tree, or a store where new tower types can be unlocked. As the player progresses through levels and gains more money or experience points, a greater variety of towers become available. These open up new strategies which usually need to be exploited immediately to deal with new enemy types. Continue reading…

Arriving in Damascus – Postmortem

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Arriving in Damascus is an on-rails first-person hypertext interactive fiction (ORFPHIF), made as my One Game A Month, and produced to help battle-test “uTwine”, a Twine for Unity implementation I’ve been working on. ja tomou viagra

If you just want to play it, try here, or here. It’s short, and even shorter if you tap + a bunch of times. donde venden viagra femenino en chile

Arriving in Damascus - the pines

I started out planning to make a Dear Esther parody, but as I went along, I discovered that (1) not surprisingly, it had already been done, and (2) I was finding it difficult to make light of the original, given the subject matter surrounding grief and loss. So, I went for some parallel universe ‘fanfic’ instead, and tried to capture some of the atmosphere, extending the story in another direction. Here are a bunch of things I learned along the way.

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Def visual tests

The last few weeks I’ve been working on a post-compo version of my tower defensish LD48 game “Def”. Apart from fixing the obvious balance and stalemate issues that pretty much everyone discovered in the ‘survival mode’ after the deadline (thanks for all the screenshots !), I’m adding a campaign mode with some story elements. It’s shaping up to be pretty awesome so far :)

Shooter range diffuse, below transparent grid.

Shooter range diffuse, below transparent grid.

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Shooter range transparent, above diffuse grid.

Shooter range transparent, above diffuse grid. cialis argentina comprar

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Shooter range transparent, BELOW transparent grid.

Shooter range transparent, BELOW transparent grid.

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