I like reviews

Just leaving these links here since I’m busy moving house and don’t want to forget them:

A new OUYA game review site “ReviOUYA” reviewed Def. I always like to read these perspectives.

SuperGameDroid was super quick off the mark to review Golden Scarab. I was so busy with Global Game Jam 2014 stuff I didn’t get a good chance to advertise the release on social media, so they actually beat me to tweeting about it !

Link grab bag – Serious games and serious research about unserious games

Two links I found interesting:

Playing Counter Strike and Call of Duty 4 can improve visual perception of contrast

ABC Australia is funding the production of Serious Games

And a random extra; there have been a number of hyped-up articles about small-time developers making it big with iPhone games recently. A few of the Ludum Dare regulars have been among them. Here’s another one of those stories, closer to home – local Melbourne developer Firemint has apparently had some success with Flight Control. Good for them ! I have no real numbers, but I’d say for every successful iPhone game, there are one hundred or more that never make enough money to break even (assuming the developers makes games for paid work, with real costs, taking wages etc). It’s no doubt a tough market to crack – glad to see some Aussies getting a piece of the action.

The Making of Astrorope: C# ported to Android Java SDK ported to iPhone

Here’s an interesting breakdown by indie developer Niklas Wahrman about the development process for his game Astrorope.

It’s a bit like a “Swedish” tunnel running game crossed with CluClu Land. What’s most interesting to me is how the game was effectively ported between languages and platforms twice before the final product emerged … first written in C#, then ported to the Android Java SDK, before finally jumping on the iPhone bandwagon. I also like the discussion about keeping productive through ‘ritual’ … get up early, drink water, eat healthy, execrise, don’t overwork and take a break if you become unproductive. Good Ludum Dare advice :).