I like reviews

Just leaving these links here since I’m busy moving house and don’t want to forget them:

A new OUYA game review site “ReviOUYA” reviewed Def. I always like to read these perspectives.

SuperGameDroid was super quick off the mark to review Golden Scarab. I was so busy with Global Game Jam 2014 stuff I didn’t get a good chance to advertise the release on social media, so they actually beat me to tweeting about it !

Small Chomper Deluxe Update for OUYA

I just pushed a small update for Chomper Deluxe to the OUYA marketplace – it should go live soon. I’ve updated the input framework so that it should happily support wireless XBox, PS3, and several less common controllers. Minor bugfixes and performance improvements. Tweaked graphics. Added a donate button, where you can become a member of the SSoACS.
SSoACS membership card

Chomper Deluxe submitted to OUYA marketplace

I just uploaded Chomper Deluxe to the #OUYA marketplace (yay!). It’s sitting at “Verifying APK” at the moment (hmmm…). I suppose that’s a good thing, since I assume that they might be doing a little malware scanning, or at bare minimum trying to catch broken uploads before they go out to review.

I presume that at some point soon that will change to “Verified” so that I can press the “Submit for Review” button …

Update: It finally finished verifying, after about 8~12 hours. I’m guessing the pipeline went down and someone in San Francisco was asleep when I submitted.

I presume there will be no issues in the review – it seems to comply with all of their fairly reasonable guidelines as far as I can see. I look forward to seeing you all beat my highscores on the 28th / 29th / 30th / whenever your OUYA arrives in the mail :)

Count me in: OMGWTFGAMES is an OUYA “Developer Special Backer” !1!!

If you have read any news on the interwebs related to video gaming lately, you have almost certainly heard of the Ouya campaign on Kickstarter by now. I’m a huge fan of what the OUYA team are setting out to do, and so I’ve decided to commit to releasing a game when it ships as a “Developer Special Backer”. I haven’t completely drunk the OUYA Kool Aid, but I’m backing them nonetheless since based own my own completely unscientific risk-benefit analysis, I think it’s worth the risk.

A quick Google search will tell you that not everyone agrees that the OUYA will succeed (by various measures of ‘success’). There are wide ranging opinions here – that it won’t be popular, that it won’t be powerful enough, that it’s impossible to make at $99 with reasonable quality, that it won’t make anyone any money, that it just won’t ship in time, if at all. I can’t guess about whether it will make anyone any money – that is going to come down to some of the fine details of just how the OUYA team execute their plans.

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