I like reviews

Just leaving these links here since I’m busy moving house and don’t want to forget them:

A new OUYA game review site “ReviOUYA” reviewed Def. I always like to read these perspectives.

SuperGameDroid was super quick off the mark to review Golden Scarab. I was so busy with Global Game Jam 2014 stuff I didn’t get a good chance to advertise the release on social media, so they actually beat me to tweeting about it !

All roads lead to Rome when Arriving in Damascus

Cryptic title huh ? Well, here’s a little story.

Shortly after I released my June #1GAM  game “Arriving in Damascus” on GameJolt (and right here), I got a (spammy) email from another game portal site:

Hi Andre,

My name is XXredactedXX, I’m one of the guys behind XXredactedXX.

I’ve recently played Arriving in Damascus on GameJolt.com and I was wandering if it would be possible to publish the game on our website.

Thank you for your time,


(Happy to privately share the name of the site, but didn’t want to drive them any traffic).

I didn’t bother replying (ignoring that they got my name wrong) – once you have a few apps and games published around the place you get these sorts of emails from bottom-feeders all the time. Although Arriving in Damascus is a short free game, I had no interest in putting it on XXredactedXX, since GameJolt (and Kongregate) split advertising revenue with developers and this other site does not. I also don’t want to have to run around to multiple places if I want push out an update.

So today when cleaning up my inbox, I found this email and thought on a whim I might search for Arriving in Damascus on the XXredactedXX site. Turns out they published a copy anyhow, without permission. It also turns out the joke is on them, since I’ve been using this little SiteLock.cs script with any of my Unity games published on web portals. The copy that XXredactedXX ripped from GameJolt simply forwards people away from their site to the version hosted right here on this site. No need to send any polite or angry requests, I’ll take the free traffic :)

(Does that cryptic title make sense now ?)


I’ve really been enjoying the comical scifi serialised novel “Constellation Games” by Leonard Richardson. Now, before I go gushing about how great it is, lest it be interpreted as sucking up to try and win this competition … without further ado, here is another snippet of the freshly translated Constellation Database of Electronic Games of a Certain Complexity (aka the CDBOEGOACC).

WARNING: May contain spoilers. Get up to speed with Chapters 1-19 before reading below the fold …

(Update: With the stunning entries I saw on Twitter, I’m surprised, but apparently I won some type of special CDBOEGOACC Jury Prize.  And then the Python random number generator confirmed it. Cool ! @ornithopter won the grand prize – well deserved. Check out all the entries here.)

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My “GET LAMP” DVD arrived !

I don’t get nearly enough time to play with interactive fiction (aka “text adventures”), but the genre and it’s history really appeals to me .. hence the reason I bought Jason Scott’s new doco – GET LAMP.

Jason (of http://textfiles.com fame) has put some real effort into getting some classic cover art on the DVD, and included a little “feelie” – a fairly weighty numbered coin (as was a common marketing tactic back in the days when Infocom sold boxed versions of it’s games). Here’s a few pics:

I haven’t watched all the content on the DVD yet, but many of the interviews contain little gems of experience on game design issues that early interactive fiction authors encountered, most of which also applies to graphical games as much as text-only games.

5000th pic submitted to GrandMasterPixel !

Yup, another milestone. It has been just over two months since GrandMasterPixel went into beta testing on the Android Market. This week, the 5000th picture was entered into the Arena to battle it out.

Congratulations to “lava floe” by meant2live218 — lucky number 5000 !

lava floe by meant2live218

No prizes, apart from the glory of being randomly featured here :)

This is obviously a topical pic, inspired by Eyjafjallajökull’s recent activity. But did any one else notice ? Volcano-related pics seemed to start mysteriously appearing in GrandMasterPixel long before the world media was banging on about Eyjafjallajökull erupting. Spooky – it’s almost like GrandMasterPixel players can predict the future. Only time will tell :)