Tiny games & experiments

A historical collection of small games I’ve made over the years. Most of these games were made for game jams such as the Ludum Dare 48 hour solo competition. Some are prototypes worth playing and might even end up being developed into more substantial games in the future. Others are buggy, incomplete or just generally rubbish. YMMV :)

Selected One Game A Month 2013 games

In 2013, I participated in the One Game A Month “perpetual game jam”.
Here’s a retrospective post-mortem post. Some of the highlights are below.

Some recent Ludum Dare games

Planet Sweepers (LD30)

Planet Sweepers LD30 screenshot

TL;DR: Left click to try and find planets. It’s a bit like Minesweeper meets Battleships in space.
Ranked in the top 25 for Innovation(Jam) !
Post-mortem here.

Deep Dome (LD29)


Fly through the rings fast !
Goal: Complete three laps passing through the rings sequentially, while avoiding enemy fire.
Post-mortem here.



a realtime puzzle game, inspired by the visual art of Piet Mondrian.


a realtime action two-player hotseat strategy game (*whew thats a mouthful*). It’s sort of a cross between Asteroids and Galcon


a minimalist survival horror, made especially for the Asus Eee PC 900 series.

Tiny games you can play in your browser

Some of these require the Java plugin.

Dolphin Story in the Funkytron

Dolphin Story

The first chapter of a little point and click adventure, made for http://www.charitygamejam.com, November 2012.

LD48 #24

Squid-wyn Happily Cleans Up Creationist Propaganda

My Ludum Dare 48 hour gamejam entry (LD #24). Not quite finished, so it’s light on gameplay, but there are some pretty parts and I like the ambient atmosphere. The controls actually do work once you get the hang of it. There is a hidden cave behind the mountain.


Badass Frog Escapes from LA

a very basic Frogger clone, made in under 48 hours. Designed to run and a JME app on my old Nokia dumbphone.

The Siege of von Danken Tower

R-r-r-retro ! A simple Atari 2600 VCS game, made in under 48 hours.

The Processling of Towlr

Designed to frustrate.