maximalist is my entry for mini-Ludum Dare #5. The goal was to make a ‘cover version’ of a previous Ludum Dare entry. I covered GBgames Ludum Dare #11 ‘minimalist’ entry, but made a version that was a minimalist survival horror. It’s designed to be played in fullscreen mode on an Asus EeePC 4G Surf (701), and matches native screen resolution of 800×480. Playing in windowed mode allows you to cheat. Don’t do that.

Download maximalist for Windows and Linux []

There is a video of the gameplay, but it leaves out the ending. You’ll have to play the real thing to find out what happens :P

Installation, playing

Unzip the package you downloaded.

On Windows, run maximalist.exe .

On Linux or other platforms, run:
$ python

Dependancies (Linux or other platforms only, not required on Windows):
Python (2.5 +) ( .. you probably already have it)
Pygame 1.7.1 ( )
Rabbyt 0.8.2 ( )

(hint for Debian/Ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install python-pygame python-setuptools; sudo easy_install Rabbyt==0.8.2 )


You are venturing into a dungeon or something. You think.
Actually, to be honest, you don’t know how you got here or
what you are doing here. All you do know is that there’s
something nasty lurking in the dark. The big bag of glowsticks
slung over you shoulder is your only friend.
All you want to do is Exit. And keep Exiting, until it’s safe.


There are 25 levels. Using a glowstick costs 5 points. Exiting a level gets you 10.
Getting your brains chomped by a nasty halves your score.
Try to get the highest score you can. A perfect score is 250 (I think ….).


Move the mouse. Click the mouse buttons.