Mondrian was my entry for Ludum Dare #11, a 48 hour game development competition that ran from 18 – 20th April, 2008. The game is heavily inspired by the visual art of Piet Mondrian, and is a realtime-turn-based puzzle game.

The final version didn’t have as many levels as this updated version, which also contains improvements to the graphical effects and the level editor. This version of Mondrian has 20 levels, all which can be completed.

  • Mondrian Screenshot


Goal: Clear the play area (aka Mondrian painting) to achieve pure white minimalism.
Click on the black beams with the mouse pointer to make then vanish.
Coloured squares expand when not in contact with a beam.
Squares of the same colour vanish when they contact.
Squares of opposite colour do not vanish when they come in contact.

Controls (game mode)

Click with the mouse pointer.
Press ‘r’ to restart the current level.
Press ‘f’ to toggle fullscreen mode.

Controls (level editor)

Objects are inserted at the current position of the mouse pointer. Otherwise, gameplay is the same.

Up/down key – insert vertical beam
Left/right key – insert horizontal beam
z – insert red square
x – insert yellow square
c – insert blue square
v – insert grey square
s – save level to file “saved.pickle” in the working directory
l – load level from file “saved.pickle”
r – restart level (equivalent to ‘del’ then ‘l’)
backspace, del – clear all objects from the level

See the README.txt in the zip package for commandline options, and some level editing tips.