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8 Jul, 2015

Windows / Mac / Linux
iOS (soon)


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Golden Scarab is a psychedelic dual-stick shooter designed for short intense play sessions. Good for short wasabi blasts to the neurons. Includes an awesome two player tag team mode.


Golden Scarab began as a one-game-a-month prototype in late 2013. I'd never really made a dual-stick shooter and I decided it was about time. I'd been working on some enemy swarming and steering code for an unrelated historically-themed FPS game at the time, and I quickly realized this type of system would be perfect for crafting unique enemy behaviours in a dual stick shooter. Golden Scarab draws heavy inspiration from the short intense shooters made by Rob Fearon (especially War Daddy), Kenta Cho and Jeff Minter. I'd also promised to myself that I'd 'juice' this game as much as practical, so I made special effort to add lots of small animations and effects to make it feel alive, even at the prototype phase. Upon first release, it was fairly well recieved on OUYA, which in my opinion is the perfect platform for this type of game. Later, I made builds for Android, iOS (soon) and Windows / Mac / Linux so more people could get in on the fun.


  • Five enemy types each with their own 'personality'
  • Ridiculous numbers of bullets and explosions
  • Local co-op tagteam mode for two players
  • Massive "arcadecore" dubstep soundtrack by BitBurner (CC-BY 3.0)
  • Classic dual-stick controls with adaptive on-screen positioning (touchscreen devices)
  • Google Play Games Achievements and Leaderboards on Android
  • Supports most common gamepads


Trailer YouTube, Vimeo

Awards & Recognition

    Golden Scarab has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Articles

      • "... a high intensity experience - I'm guessing most gamers won't play this for more than a few minutes at a time, else risk their brain shutting down in protest against the audio-visual onslaught."
        - Retro Gamer CD (rgcd.co.uk), http://www.rgcd.co.uk/2014/03/golden-scarab-ouya.html

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      Golden Scarab Credits

      Andrew Perry
      Development, OMGWTFGAMES !1!!

      Music (under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0)

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks