Flex for Flash games coming of age

Around six to twelve months ago I did some research into using the Adobe Flex framework to create Flash games. I found an amazing port of Doom using the Flex SDK, but at that stage, there was no source code on offer, so I couldn’t learn much from it (except maybe that Flex was capable of some pretty impressive Flash games). Ultimately, I decided not to work with Flex for two key reasons:

  1. There didn’t seem to be many games written with Flex at that stage, and very little in the way of how-tos and tutorials. All the tutorials I found from Adobe and others were geared toward ‘business applications’ and the like.
  2. The Flex compiler only generates Flash 9, and I wanted to make Flash games for the Wii Opera browser, which only supports Flash 7.

Well, the Wii still doesn’t support Flash 9 (my guess is it never will), but things are changing on the availability of game-making resources for Flex.

Chuck Arellano over at scripted fun has ported his Herder game for Pygame to Flex, and is having some success.


I suspect that there has been a blossoming of Flex game creation content occurring while I wasn’t watching … it could be worth revisiting.

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