Highlight games at the Game On exhibition

The Game On exhibition has been on at ACMI in Melbourne (Fed Square) for about 4 months now. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to exhibit our Atari 2600 collection as part of a collectors event … unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of it in a glass museum case. It was fun spending an afternoon chatting to other collectors (several that collected Japanese games and paraphenalia, one guy who collected old boxed Sierra PC adventure games, and a jacket with just about every Activision patch ever released etc). We played on my Sheen Pong console with kids and parents that came by to chat about our collection, which was a blast. The organisers at ACMI were kind enough to give us free passes to the exhibition (where you can play 120+ games) and a copy of Atari Classics Evolved signed by Al Alcorn (creator of the original Pong arcade machine) !

So, the other day we got a chance to use our free passes to the Game On game exhibition. I would have been happy to pay entry … we played games for 5 hours across basically every platform that mattered in the history of video games !

Highlight games I’d never played, but liked:

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