Unity Web Player | Planet Sweeper LD30

TLDR; Left click to try and find planets. It's a bit like Minesweeper meets Battleships in space.

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You are a member of the elite Planet Sweeper team, tasked with discovering new planets throughout the galaxy. Fire anti-graviton bursts to detect gravity wells and discover new worlds - but don't delay - there are other entities within the galaxy also searching for planets to colonize.

How to play


The AI cheats a little, but I've also tried to make its moves somewhat plausible.

There are two game modes - Human vs. AI, and a local Human vs. Human mode. For the local two player game, each player needs to pass the mouse to the other player when their turn is done. This is a bit of a dumb way to do a two player game, but the ultimate intention is for players to take turns when sharing a tablet device (or use gamepads and/or network play).

Credits & tools

All code from scratch, except for generic stuff from my base code repo (SoundManager, MusicManager, SiteLock, Autoscreenshot from https://github.com/omgwtfgames/unity-bowerbird) and libraries (NGUI, GoKit, LeanTween, TouchScript [unused], Chevy Ray's great little ObjectPool, CSharpMessengerExtended).

Music made with NodeBeat, extra synth tone sfx made with Abelton Live 8 (Pad-Sweet Meditation).

I basically followed compo rules except for two sound effects that I couldn't be bothered making new versions of in bfxr ... oh, and having a relaxed jam by taking 72 hours.

The font is Orbitron Black.